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This article is the 2nd part of the Blog ["Outsourcing and its benefits"](, where I will dig deeper on the subject of near-shore subcontracting, specifically in Latin America. In recent years, outsourcing in Latin America has grown exponentially, especially in countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Panama and Peru. The reason for this trend is due to the proximity of these countries to the US (as near-shore companies) and compete favorably with off-shore companies located in China, India or Eastern Europe. Another inf
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Drupal, one of the most used CMF in the world, is a platform that allows you to create and manage sites, both small and sites of very high traffic and functionality. It is among the four most popular CMFs and has the highest growth of users and developers in the world and which was used for sites such as The White House, Warner Bros Records, MTV UK, among others. Learn about this great platform and take charge of your own website, intranet or web application. In this course you will learn the bases of this platform that will allow you to manage your site and make your way as a Drupal develo
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We invite you to participate in our next Rootnet CRM Webinar, in which we will be analyzing the sales force and analytics module, providing insights as the basis for decision making. With the sales force module and analytics, we will have access to: - Metrics and analytics by vendors / time periods / goals - Greater organization within the department - Tracking activities by users - Progress in achieving objectives Among others This will be a totally free event, where we want to share our knowledge, contributing to the development of your company. To register for this event, please click
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In this article, I have decided to follow the same line as my previous blog ([The main misconceptions of remote work](, further reinforcing the trend that many companies are taking in this new technological age. This Blog specifically will focus on the benefits of doing Software Outsourcing and the reasons why turn to Near-shore companies as an ally for your upcoming developments. Among the major benefits of having this service are: - Access to innovation and cutting-edge technologies - Better practices - Great offer of h
By Anonymous (not verified), 13 December, 2016
In this 2nd part of the Blog I will explain other misconceptions about remote work as I did in [1st part of this article]( To get into context, I would like to remind you that distant or remote work is increasing, but there is still skepticism about the effectiveness and productivity of employees and the impact within companies. That is why I would like to clarify other concepts that have this form of work. **Are meetings ineffective?** There are many communication platforms that allow you to transmit messages very effect
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###**Rootstack** **Alejandro Oses** CEO / Co - Fundador *Alejandro is always thinking up new strategies to help meet his clients’ needs.* ###**Evolve Your Sales Team With Rootnet CRM** - How to make an effective flow of communication between a business manager and the sales team, using "Sprints and Scrums" - Managing our Sales Team in an Agile CRM - Using Rootnet Sales Analytics as to have the right market penetration information ###**Agile Sales .pro ** **Rafael Igual** *Business Partner Latam & Certified Consultant Agile Sales & Marketing Institute* ###**Agile Sales
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![enter image description here]( In leading companies, marketing teams need to constantly innovate to achieve business goals that are becoming increasingly ambitious over time.
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![enter image description here]( Anyone who has already attended a conference on Development and Technology will tell you that it is one of the most rewarding and creative experiences in boosting the learning of a company.   But most likely your boss does not have planned trips or tickets "for creative learning", your boss is interested in the bottom line and this is how you approach the discussion: the tangible benefits that will make you more productive, so in other words, you must make your boss remember a