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On Thursday October 6, 2016, we had the opportunity to attend the [Panama Bizfit 2016](, which focused on several conferences about innovation and businesses in the areas of logistics, finance and SMEs.


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*Disclaimer:This post is made based on assumptions and other comments made in online forums threads and none of this should be considered as true, but we want to show the importance of the points mentioned below.* To enter context, if you do not know which is the case of Mossak Fonseca, read the following link (Spanish): []( In summary, the Case Mossack Fonseca, aka "Panama Papers" is the biggest data breach in history
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Every day comes with improvements or new technologies, which aims to make life easier. In the world of technology we understand that if we do not adapt to change and ride the train of this revolution, our company will lose ground and consequently their failure down the road. But that's not the only reason, the key factor is to use the tools available and our power to continue the growth and maturity of the organization.
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###Be part of our breakfast for Government Entities! We wish to invite you to our second Government Breakfast 2016, where we can provide solutions to certain technologies to your organization. We will be explaining different topics, focused on Mobile Application Development with integrated web services for a governmental entity. ###In our list of topics we will discuss: - Explanation of frameworks / open source solutions a government entity may use - Restful international projects that have automated different entities - Explanation of reusable architectures for government entities - Bes
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Drupal, one of the most used CMF in the world, is a platform for creating and managing both small and very high traffic sites and its functionality. It is among the four most popular CMFs and has the fastest growing users and developers in the world. The White House, Warner Bros.
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![gestion de procesos]( Today, companies are focused on automating, thus achieving greater productivity, minimizing operating costs and generating added value to its customers. Due to these reasons workflow systems or processes are designed, which are the different stages through which must pass a process to be resolved.
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Register to this Webinar and learn how Rootnet CRM is a complementary tool to an ERP, specifically, ERPNext. We will be discussing topics such as: - The basics of a CRM - The basics of an ERP - Analyzing the modules of Rootnet CRM and ERP Next, and how they complement each other. - How does the synchronization with other ERP's work? This will be a totally free event where we share our knowledge, contributing to the development of your company.
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![Learn some tips about Drupal 8 - Rootstack]( Learning a new system usually means learning about its little quirks. Drupal 8 has its fair share of quirks. Here are some quick tips that I have learned in the past few months working on my first Drupal 8 project. ### addExpression Suppose you need to get the last time an item in a table was edited.