By Anonymous (not verified), 30 December, 2015
We invite you to our first Student Event, which will be held in January and where you will learn all about the different Development Methodologies and tools used in the present market. We want to get you ready to face your upcoming working environment! **Technologies to be discussed:**
  1. Drupal 8
  2. Angular
  3. Android
  4. iOS
  5. Node
  6. Laravel
  7. Symfony
  8. jQuery
  9. Git
  10. Gulp
  11. HTML5
  12. Grunt
**Registration required!**
By Anonymous (not verified), 11 December, 2015
We invite you to participate in our first Rootnet webinar of 2016, where we will extend on two of our four modules: Customer Service and Projects. Discover how these two modules can be an essential tool for the success and process automation in your company. Learn how to; *Provide the best service to your customers *Feedback stars rating by the customers *Provide customers a platform for tracking projects *Create projects workflows *Upload project documentation and tickets in the CRM **Interact with us and discover all the advantages that each module can provide to your organization!** **
By Anonymous (not verified), 10 December, 2015
![Drupal 7 to Drupal 8]( On Saturday, December 5, 2015 was held at the offices of Rootstack the last community event of the year, with emphasis on Drupal 8 and related topics. This event, no doubt, proved to be a success, not only in exposing issues of interest to Drupal 8 but also achieving a retro-feeding by attendees, so as to continue to contribute to personal and professional development of all attendees. ![feedback]( The event started at 9:00
By Anonymous (not verified), 24 November, 2015
I start this blog with both definitions, CMS and Frameworks are essential when a project to develop tools but, Which should I use?
By Anonymous (not verified), 20 November, 2015
With PHP we can make SSH connections to these servers and execute commands from our local application or from another server.