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> "Move fast and break things..." - Mark Zuckerberg Do you believe in the power of innovation? Do you have ideas about how to improve your existing business? Are you an entrepreneur at heart working within a larger company? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you are an intrapreneur. Intrapreneurs are entrepreneurs within large organizations. They believe in action. They believe in taking risks. They are focused on getting results. For intrapreneurs, job descriptions are mere guidelines. They put the success of the business first in all that they do.
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1. Focus on business expectations first Your business needs a website, right? Or maybe your non-profit needs a new mobile app? After all that's why you are working with a digital agency or development shop. We don't think that's quite right. Your organization needs a new tool to achieve it's goals. While digital agencies and development shops build websites and applications, we do so to improve your business. As obvious as it sounds, it is worth reminding ourselves that businesses exist to bring value to our customers in exchange for money. Here's a technique you can use.

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## We are pleased to invite you to a free webinar where you will learn: - Understanding SEO - Digital strategies for your site to be ranked in search engines (What to do with our site) - Key concepts at SEO level - The best tool mix: Google analytics + Mouseflow + Webceo - The Worst SEO Mistakes - Working in conjunction with email marketing campaigns ## Audience: - Marketing Managers - CEOs - Technology Directors
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Quick summary. Don't be like the bozos from this old commercial. Create a hyper-specific profile of your target customer and focus on generating tremendous value for them rather than wasting time on appearances and gimmicks. There was a popular Smirnoff Ice commercial (at least as popular as a malt beverage commercial can be) from the 90's that can teach us a valuable lesson about marketing. In this commercial, two smarmy guys overhear a popular gentleman in the VIP section telling a story about his friend "Sergio".
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**We are pleased to invite you to our breakfast in May.** Our goal in Rootstack is to get our customers to automate their internal processes through APIs integration and SOA web application development. **Breakfast room:** - Why implement SOA-like web applications? - How to integrate web solutions - An example of ecosystem of solutions and how they are spoken among them - Simulation of an API integration with Mulesoft and the Mulesoft API Designer - Conclusion and questions on how to start implementing the solutions in your company **Free event**
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![enter image description here]( In Rootstack we believe in investing in a solution that is well-made and has a reusable and scalable integration layer as a first-world country would, which means: - Companies that seek to implement mobile applications, that automate processes and improve loyalty from their customers, however it is important to understand all of the communication flow that happens behind in our apps at an integration level, the least we want is that in the future, the solution/comp