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![enter image description here]( The effectiveness of a website is measured by the **usability, user experience and loading times** provided by each site. Having dynamic, unique and simple elements will increase traffic, improve the search engine positioning and transmit the correct message of the company to each of the users. But, **What does the user expect when visiting the company website? What functionalities should the site have to be successful? What is the user's ultimate interest in my company's website?
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Surely is not the first time you listen from Drupal and as a company we are witnessing the advantages offered by this system in all the stages of development.

We understand that as a company you may have many questions when it comes to require a new business system and that is why, in this blog we hope to help you with the decision to choose the suitable platform for your company's next project.

Why Drupal?

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![enter image description here]( Many companies focus their resources and goals on **improving the user experience** by building long-term relationships through **smart tools.** This time we will talk about the latest innovation of Google: **AMP** ## ┬┐What is an AMP, what is it for and how does it help my company?
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![enter image description here]( As mentioned previously a **Middleware** is part of a set of techniques capable of interconnecting different systems regardless of the technology in which it was developed or the final function of each tool. The middleware has multiple advantages that can be applied to your type of business in a personalized way, among the advantages we can highlight: - **Easy to implement** - **Improves query response times** - **Save investment resources** - **Secure interconnectivity** **But, How do we
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mobile app development services


Nowadays, more companies are looking to meet the expectations of consumers and for this reason they expand their catalog of digital solutions tailored to customers and their needs on the current trend.


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![enter image description here]( **Let's talk about hosting!** When we get to the point within our project where we have to look for hosting, companies look for a provider with the capacity to effectively and transparently meet the specifications of their systems and information management being responsible for maintaining, monitoring and correcting the servers avoiding failures or falls in the final system. A hosting system stores information, images, videos or content, in charge of storing all the information and files t
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![enter image description here]( Have you heard the term Middleware?
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![enter image description here]( It is clear that every company is looking for success, a extensive portfolio of customers and an optimal fulfillment of sales goals.
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![enter image description here]( The technological impact on users is growing, the attraction of new implementations becomes common among the target audience of each type of business and more and more strategies are created based on the expectation. With this blog we would like to **solve the doubts** that exist about the design and its adaptations. Each company aims to attract the most users so that they become potential customers if the impact or the first visit to the website is positive, providing the necessary information a