By Anonymous (not verified), 8 March, 2018
70% of medium-sized companies are looking for solutions based on the cloud. If your company has a Hosting, VPS or Dedicated Server service, join us in our next webinar. **Temary:** - Types of hosting - How to keep your hosting safe - tools and good practices
By Anonymous (not verified), 8 March, 2018
Many times as companies we invest our budgets in creating applications that in the end do not have the expected results neither for the company nor for the users of the mobile app. Before starting the implementation of a mobile application we invite you to our webinar where we will be talking about current trends to develop a good mobile app. **Temary:** To define
By Anonymous (not verified), 6 March, 2018
Many of us who are dedicated to sales or marketing, we have certainly heard about CRM solutions and probably have told us that to improve our management we need to implement one.
By Anonymous (not verified), 5 March, 2018
Taking into account the global economy, we can say that ERPs generate for organizations a strategic business tool where change management arises, with the implementation of these Business Resource Planning systems, it can be observed that results are generated every day in Regarding the level of productivity of the organization, you can see the positive and negative changes, but all this is achieved by making good use of the ERP, because these can be very good but if they are not properly fed they will not have the desired results, It is at this point that the personnel that works in the organ
By Anonymous (not verified), 16 January, 2018
Currently organizations from different sectors are looking for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which is basically to make a site appear in the top positions of search engines as a result of searches related to the theme of the web. That is why we invite you to be part of our webinar in which we will be talking about SEO techniques to achieve optimal positioning in search engines. **Temary:** **To be defined** **The event has no cost** Audience: Marketing
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At the end of this year, we see many new people in the company who work hard to be part of the Rootstack culture and standards, old people who have been part of the team for a while and carry out the demands in complex projects and we also see challenges that have come since 2017 because of the new services and the growth of Rootstack.


By Anonymous (not verified), 30 November, 2017
Currently there are many e-Learning platforms, and Moodle is one of the most used ones give it’s features and functions. **What is Moodle?** It’s a learning management platform designed to help educators create online courses and virtual learning environments.
By Anonymous (not verified), 29 November, 2017
If we talk about strategic plans and trends when it comes to becoming a cutting-edge organization, we must not neglect the in-depth evaluation of the digital transformation to which more and more companies join daily. At Rootstack, we are aware of the needs of our customers and always evaluating new solutions that satisfy and support innovation, we want to show them the essential characteristics that must be evaluated to choose an ECM solution: **Characteristics** **Essentials** - Collaboration: A repository of documents should allow documents to be retrieved and managed by authorized user