Rootstack's Nearshore Developers: Awesome Talent with Attitude and Style

By Anonymous (not verified), 22 February, 2017

nearshore developers


Every digital agency wants to feel special. "About us" sections espouse a unique culture usually embodying a perfect balance between structure and freedom. Employees enjoy stimulating work with a mixture of autonomy and structure that allows their creativity to flourish without letting them feel lost. Clients find themselves overjoyed with the results - ecstatically unwrapping the digital version of Christmas presents.


At Rootstack we are no different. We aspire to be a great place to work for our employees and a great company to work with for our clients and partners.


nearshore developers


Here are a few reasons why you should choose Rootstack for your next project


1) Super Talented Developers

Our nearshore developers have been there done that and bought the t-shirt. Our guys and girls can code like nobody's business. Languages? We have our license to kill with PHP on the back-end and Angular JS on the front-end, but we are deadly with a number of languages and frameworks. Here are our best:


  • PHP (Symfony, Laravel)
  • CMS (Drupal)
  • Mobile (Android)
  • JavaScript (Angular, React, Node, and D3)
  • Hybrid (Ionic, Appcelerator)
  • API Integration (Mulesoft Partners)


nearshore developers


2) Experience on Projects Big and Small

We've worked on large projects with stringent security requirements, to mobile apps, to smaller projects with a bit more pizzazz. Our solutions span e-commerce, government, non-profit - if people are organizing themselves on the internet, we can help make their mission a reality.


Our experience belies our teams size of +100 developers. We punch well above our weight.


nearshore developers


3) Bilingual Developers

Our nearshore developers speak at least English and Spanish. This means that jokes and playful insights between co-workers are way more fun because we have twice the amount of material to use. But more importantly it means that our developers understand the difficulty of communicating with different cultures and in languages that are not their own.


This provides a tremendous benefit for our project teams. In any language, communicating technical subjects is hard. In fact, non-techies often remark that developers seem to speak another language unto themselves. Our dual language background gives us an advantage in this area. Our developers understand that communication with non-technical audiences is difficult. Successfully communication requires patience and our team understands there is no hack to make this faster. Our team members have the experience and the willingness to make sure everyone is on the same page.


nearshore developers


Interested in working with technical staff who know how to communicate to non-techies? Contact us now.


Rootstack offers a dash of flavor to an industry that could use some. Of course, we do good work, make deadlines, and charge reasonable prices, but we also have that little something extra that is worth experiencing. Interested in adding a little latin flavor to your next project - drop us a line now.


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nearshore developers
Rootstack's Nearshore Developers: Awesome Talent with Attitude and Style
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