By lmartinez, 24 May, 2024
The .NET Framework, developed by Microsoft, is a comprehensive and consistent programming model designed to create applications that deliver visually stunning user experiences and fluid, secure communication
By lmartinez, 21 May, 2024
The use of artificial intelligence at the business level has increased in recent years, differentiating itself from the use that people give it every day for creative purposes, such as creating texts and images
By lmartinez, 16 May, 2024
nodejs vs react


When creating a website, we are always faced with a big question: What technology should I use? Due to advances in programming, the market is full of languages and frameworks to work on both the backend and frontend of a website, but there are two that have managed to stand out: Node.Js and React.


By lmartinez, 8 May, 2024
odoo software


“All your business on a single platform” is Odoo's motto which can be read on its official website, this simply summarizes what this platform is: an ERP software prepared for multiple functions, such as sales, electronic invoicing, accounting, inventory, human resources, projects, CRM, e-commerce and much more.