By Anonymous (not verified), 26 June, 2017
One of the priorities in the era of digital banking is to present itself to the user as a technological, digital and innovative entity. The transformation of banking along with new technologies has been total and of course, it has transformed the way it communicates with the experience of its customers. We are pleased to invite you to the annual breakfast on digital banking.
By Anonymous (not verified), 18 May, 2017
We are pleased to invite you to a technical breakfast where your team will be able to learn about Mulesoft. Agenda: - Mulesoft Basics - Setting up Anypoint plataform and explanation of the plataform - Development basics of Anypoint Plataform - Case study of Mulesoft / Wokrflow of a live integration Audience: - CTO's - Tech leads - Software architects - Limited registrations - Free event
By Anonymous (not verified), 19 September, 2016
###Be part of our breakfast for Government Entities! We wish to invite you to our second Government Breakfast 2016, where we can provide solutions to certain technologies to your organization. We will be explaining different topics, focused on Mobile Application Development with integrated web services for a governmental entity. ###In our list of topics we will discuss: - Explanation of frameworks / open source solutions a government entity may use - Restful international projects that have automated different entities - Explanation of reusable architectures for government entities - Bes
By Anonymous (not verified), 19 April, 2016
PanamadJS returns this April! We will have a talk about open source software development by Jordan Zimmerman, Cloud engineer in Elasticsearch and creator of Apache Curator; Alejandro Oses, CEO and Co-founder Rootstack tell us about your projects and business ventures in the software Panamanian Development.
By Anonymous (not verified), 15 March, 2016
Be part of our breakfast for Government Entities! I hereby wish to invite you to our first breakfast “Government 2016”, where we will analyze possible tech solutions to your organization. Topics to cover:
  • Most used Frameworks & CMF’s by governments abroad
  • Examples of success stories in government web solutions
  • Separating the business layer and the presentation layer and integration through web services
  • References regarding other successful technologies used by other governments:
    • Symfony
    • Drupal
By Anonymous (not verified), 25 February, 2016
Come to our 2nd breakfast of 2016 We will be exploring topics related to the new "Drupal 8" platform, which is being used to replace existing systems and develop new projects, being the CMF of choice for many companies in the Telecommunications and Media area. We will delve topics such as: - Drupal 8 vs others CMS/CMF - Why adopt Drupal 8 as a Telecommunications and/or Media company? - Advantages and benefits - How Drupal meets the needs of Web modernization? - Mobile - Multi platform publications - Expandability - Design/flexibility to redesign - Multi language publications - Scala
By Anonymous (not verified), 15 February, 2016
Be part of our first breakfast of 2016! Discover a web solution for self management of services by customers, to automate the process of service management, lower the costs of operations and improve customer loyalty, which in turn makes a market share increase. The topics will be:
  • Analysis and breakdown of web and mobile solutions
  • The uniqueness of each client and service offerings based on their previous purchases
  • Increase customer responsiveness through a unique and specialized customer service
  • More effective promotions
  • Paymen
By Anonymous (not verified), 30 December, 2015
We invite you to our first Student Event, which will be held in January and where you will learn all about the different Development Methodologies and tools used in the present market. We want to get you ready to face your upcoming working environment! **Technologies to be discussed:**
  1. Drupal 8
  2. Angular
  3. Android
  4. iOS
  5. Node
  6. Laravel
  7. Symfony
  8. jQuery
  9. Git
  10. Gulp
  11. HTML5
  12. Grunt
**Registration required!**