Virtual Reality, the new marketing strategy?

By Anonymous (not verified), 24 May, 2018

Virtual Reality used to seem something straight out of a Matrix movie, something that the everyday citizen could not enjoy easily. Thankfully those days are done and virtual reality can be found in a wide variety of websites and apps that could be launched in a computer, smartphone or gaming console. But, what is virtual reality exactly? Well, it is basically a simulation where the user is immersed in an interactive environment that it’s supposed to recreate life-like situations that aren’t exactly real all the time. The user is stimulated through visuals and sounds and the experience is augmented with the use of glasses, headsets, phones and controllers to make it seem real but in fact, it isn’t. Virtual Reality represents one of the biggest technological innovations that have come around in recent years, the fact that users can now be present inside material that used to be consumed “from the outside” like movies, games or tv shows, represents a huge opportunity for impulsing marketing strategies to a whole new level. It is growing exponentially fast, if we look at some numbers, VR reached the $7-billion mark in 2017 and it is suspected that this amount will grow 10x times by 2021; the expectation of VR users for 2020 circles around 250-300 million users. So why not take advantage of this platform to impulse business strategies? Take a look at some benefits VR can bring to your business: - Marketing research: Web and social network analytics can be implemented into VR platforms and these provide valuable marketing data. - Quick acceptance: VR Content is tailored and designed for users, this is why it’s easily accepted amongst the audience. - Market positioning: Coming out in the market with something as innovative as a VR experience will make your business stand out. - User experience: The way VR works makes up for an amazing user experience where people will feel completely immersed in an experience thinking it’s happening in front of them and to them. Visual marketing represents the best way to engage with customers given that 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. Through VR a business can engage with their customers in a deep and emotional way thus making sure the campaign’s objectives are accomplished. This platform is so wide and can be used in so many different ways that it allows a company to have many different options to implement it. We in Rootstack have gathered some of the best ways to incorporate VR to your business and make it stand out along it’s competitors. - Create a digital world of a retail store or a supermarket where the user can do shopping online in a whole new way, this digital world will have different responsive buttons where the customer can click and a whole branch of information will unfolded about a product or service. - Create a virtual preview of a final product where the user can take a more in-depth look of how a product they’re interested in is going to look when it’s finished. Real estate and automobile -industries have taken major advantage of this making their customers take virtual tours of properties or cars that are in a developing state, this way they create an extra emotion and connection with the customer’s needs. - Animate a digital world where users can immerse themselves and easily live experiences that they wouldn’t have everyday, such as traveling to the Middle East or playing a soccer match on the world cup, all of this through VR. With more than 5 years on the market, VR has proven to be the most innovative and evolving technology and even now it still leaves room for grow in the future years. It’s impact in the market can be seen in the number of industries that are starting to take advantage of it, in order for its success to be assured it should be used wisely and the content should be adjusted to the customer’s wishes. Would you like to implement a Virtual Reality strategy in your business? Schedule a short call with us at Rootstack and we’ll help you with that! You can do whatever you want with our advice.

Virtual Reality, the new marketing strategy?
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