Nearshore Development Fears Begone: 5 Reasons to Hire Rootstack

By Anonymous (not verified), 23 March, 2017

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The offshore development model has it's advantages and disadvantages. Rootstack's nearshore approach provides the best of both. You get talented senior developers at an attractive price while enjoying face to face meetings whenever you need them with our American staff.


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Accountability: We live here too!

U.S. companies have legitimate concerns about offshore developers. What's to stop a company in Sofia from closing it's doors in the middle of a project (and keeping your money)? Rootstack has a U.S. office in Austin with American staff. We're visible. You can always find us. We've been in business for more than seven years and intend to be in business for decades more. Our reputation is paramount and we always take the long view.


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Expertise: We have done this before

Coding is what we do. We've successfully delivered 60 projects and counting. We're Acquia certified Drupal developers, we run local tech meetups, and we organized Latin America's first ever Drupal conference. We're good at this. We've been doing it for a long time. Sure you're new junior developers have fantastic grades from college, but have they delivered real world projects on-time


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Communication: We hear each other loud and clear

Communication in tech is difficult even when both parties are from the same country. We get that. That's we have American staff to support our U.S. and Canadian customers. Need to speak directly to a developer? No problem, all of our developers speak English and grew up with a heavy influence of American culture. Think you're an 80s soft rock fan? Try Marcial, he'll have you beat. On a more serious note, at Rootstack we understand that communication is more than just a shared language but also shared values, practices, and expectations. In addition to our U.S. staff we have been working with U.S. clients for years.


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Responsive: We'll drive over (or take your call at 2am)

If a client has a problem, we have a problem. Need support in the middle of the night? We'll be on the phone. Want someone to drive over for quick meeting? We'll be on the highway. Our Austin staff is on CST and our Panama office is on EST but we always work on our client's schedules, no our own. We're always available however you need to reach us.


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Quality Code

Rootstack is a little more intense than your average developer shop. We're not coming in at 11am because we played Call of Duty all night. We're not taking off early to go to happy hour. We're focused on writing quality code and getting projects done. Don't get me wrong, we still like to have fun. But we haven't forgotten that developers should do more than play ping pong and drink beer all day at work.


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Nearshore Development Fears Begone: 5 Reasons to Hire Rootstack
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