How CEOs can use IT Staff Augmentation to overcome project delays

By dbracho, 15 February, 2024

it staff augmentation


Delays in IT projects can be costly and disruptive to the business. As a CEO, dealing with these delays can be a considerable challenge, but there are effective strategies to overcome them. One of these strategies is to work with the support of an IT Staff Augmentation team. And, in this blog, we're going to explore how CEOs can take advantage of this service to effectively address project delays.



it staff augmentation



Understanding the problem of delays in IT projects

Before addressing how hiring IT staff augmentation can resolve project delays, it is crucial to understand the reasons behind these delays. Technology projects can face a number of challenges, ranging from changes in client requirements to internal communication problems or lack of specialized resources. These issues can lead to delivery delays, which in turn affects profitability and customer satisfaction.


Several causes of delays in software projects can be:

  • Lack of a clear plan and specifications

“Projects are often not completed due to the absence of well-defined requirements and a clear roadmap. This leads to many on-the-fly modifications, missed deadlines, decreased team motivation, and ultimately changes in scope”, they noted in a Forbes article.


One of the strong points of the IT Staff Augmentation teams is that they work with agile methodologies, such as Scrum, which guarantee constant and efficient monitoring of the project, based on the initial planning they have stipulated. They never work improvisedly.


it staff augmentation


  • Bad communication

Lack of effective communication between team members can trigger errors, delays, and misunderstandings that could ultimately jeopardize the success of a project. It is essential to have clearly and explicitly defined goals, as well as well-defined individual expectations and group responsibilities.


By working with an IT Staff Augmentation team, you can free yourself from this worry since they usually have standardized communication mechanisms and procedures to guarantee project delivery.


  • Bypass quality control

“Neglecting the quality of the solution can create huge obstacles. When software projects go over budget, stakeholders often try to reduce costs by saving on quality assurance, including security and performance”, they added in the same Forbes article on the topic.


The advantage of seeking support from an IT staff augmentation team in this case is that you can delegate quality testing to this external and temporary team, which will focus solely on your project, which will speed up the process much more.


How IT Staff Augmentation Staffing Minimizes Project Delays

Hiring IT Staff Augmentation offers a flexible and effective solution to address delays in IT projects. This strategy involves supplementing a company's internal IT team with external resources, either by hiring independent contractors or partnering with an IT outsourcing company.


They provide flexibility and scalability

One of the main advantages of hiring IT Staff Augmentation is the flexibility it offers. CEOs can easily increase or reduce the size of the team depending on the needs of the project. This is especially useful in situations where specialized skills are required only temporarily or when facing sudden spikes in work.


IT Staff Augmentation teams provide specialized talent

Another important benefit of hiring IT Staff Augmentation is access to specialized talent. Often, IT projects require specific skills that may not be available in the company's internal team. By turning to external resources, CEOs can ensure that their project has the knowledge and experience necessary to succeed.


it staff augmentation


  • Accelerate time to market

By reducing delays on IT projects, hiring IT Staff Augmentation can also accelerate time to market for products and services. This is essential in an increasingly competitive business environment, where time is a critical factor for success.


  • Costs reduction

Contrary to popular belief, hiring IT Staff Augmentation can be a cost-effective option for businesses. Instead of maintaining a large and expensive internal IT team year-round, CEOs can choose to hire external resources only when necessary. This can help reduce overall operating costs and improve long-term profitability.


  • Improved operational efficiency

By alleviating the workload of the internal IT team, hiring IT Staff Augmentation can improve operational efficiency across the company. Internal employees can focus on critical tasks while external resources handle specific projects. This can lead to a more equitable distribution of work and an overall improvement in productivity.


Key considerations for CEOs

While hiring IT Staff Augmentation can be an effective strategy for addressing project delays, there are some key considerations that CEOs should keep in mind:



It is crucial to partner with trusted and experienced IT staffing providers to ensure successful results.


it staff augmentation



Clear and open communication between the internal team and external resources is essential to project success.



CEOs must be prepared to manage the risks associated with outsourcing, such as potential delays or quality issues.



It is important to regularly evaluate the performance of external resources and make adjustments as necessary to ensure project quality and efficiency.


IT staffing can be a powerful tool for CEOs looking to address IT project delays. By providing flexibility, access to specialized talent, and improving operational efficiency, this strategy can help companies overcome challenges and achieve success in an increasingly competitive business environment.


Do you need an IT Staff Augmentation team to accelerate the development of your project? At Rootstack, we have +13 years of experience supporting companies in their digital transformation. Contact us!


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it staff augmentation
How CEOs can use IT Staff Augmentation to overcome project delays
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