By Anonymous (not verified), 1 July, 2016
We invite you to participate in this explanatory Rootnet CRM Webinar where we will be explaining in detail the sales force module, which optimizes the process of identifying and converting potential customers to clients in your organization. Within this module are sub-modules such as: sales, sales performance, business opportunities and sales support.
By Anonymous (not verified), 30 June, 2016

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend two interesting events in NY: Smashing Conference NY and Awwwards NYC; So far this year we also attended Drupalcon New Orleans and wanted to participate in events that come out of our traditional line of development-oriented events. I had many expectations for these two events because for me personally, are places where I learned a lot and served as reference when either seeking information or inspiration.

By Anonymous (not verified), 22 June, 2016
![enter image description here]( We are living a revolution in the technological world, every day transformation between what we knew as classic routines are solved with the development of **mobile applications** we can carry anywhere in our pockets. Each sector is reaching its time for change, a clear example is the transport sector, with a very practical application called **Uber**... ..
By Anonymous (not verified), 22 June, 2016
The major technological advance of our era have evolved our habits. We have created a dependency on mobile devices and the Internet to facilitate our day to day and become more efficient in all aspects of life. ![M-commerce]( While we use all the technological tools available in order to optimize our processes at work, also we do in our personal lives.
By Anonymous (not verified), 16 June, 2016
We are bound to interact with a CRM in our work being at the office, but it is no secret that the era of **mobile apps** is definitely a walking tour by leaps and bounds, with millions of devices on the market market, it has become essential to integrate our company to the new mobile generation and this we did with the Rootnet App.
By Anonymous (not verified), 2 June, 2016
Drupal has been a key part of our growth as a company since 2011.
By Anonymous (not verified), 23 May, 2016
We invite you to our next webinar, the topics to cover are: - Explaning Symfony as a PHP Framework to do all kinds of project, in this case a web service - From 0 to 10 when developing web services with Symfony - Implementing AngularJS with our web services - Integrating the API's of our institution with MuleSoft or a SOA layer made from scratch Don't be late. We will be sending the day before the invitation to the webex meeting.
By Anonymous (not verified), 23 May, 2016
Behat is a framework for testing based on behaviors, this can be very useful to ensure that during the development of a project any changes affecting previously implemented features will be prevented.
By Anonymous (not verified), 16 May, 2016
In this second installment of this series of posts, we will be working on the backend of our application and explain step by step how to configure.