By Anonymous (not verified), 3 June, 2015

In the development of mobile applications often we spend a lot of time trying to stylize our applications so that the interface is pleasant for the user and easy to program. Today, this condition has changed thanks to the creation of a visual language that summarizes the basic principles of good design innovation, saving a lot of time in the development of the styles, we are talking about Material Design.


By Anonymous (not verified), 27 May, 2015
Last Saturday we held the first Drupal Day of the year in Panama, designed for enthusiasts and experts of software development with Drupal, also in order to interest new people to adopt this technology. We are grateful for all the support and all those who accompanied us on this day. This was a community event, composed of various talks in different parts of our office. We hosted community members from a diverse background, from students to administrative assistants. We had a barbecue where we shared in an informal way. If you could not attend to this event, we invite you to our next Drupa
By Anonymous (not verified), 18 May, 2015
Drupal 8 t-shirtsTux army I'll show some of the most cool sessions I had the chance to assist. An interesting fact is that by Friday, there are remaining only 22 issues, that means that 6 of them have been resolved on this week, is fantastic to see how Drupal is evolving in so few time.
By Anonymous (not verified), 14 May, 2015
Currently there are solutions that handle large volumes of data and users as social networks, banking systems, among others, which need to remain active for any eventuality presented, say, an electricity failure, network equipment failure, which for us as users would be critical, can you imagine that such an eventuality was presented at the bank which you are a customer and all your money just disappear? or What if all your photos of your favorite social network just got erased one day?.
By Anonymous (not verified), 13 May, 2015
Hi, in this special post I'll talk about of some of the things that have happened here at DrupalCon LA 2015, the most important Drupal event, organized by Drupal Association and sponsored by various big companies like Acquia, FFW (Pro-people + Blink reaction), Pantheon, Black Mesh, Lullabot, Phase 2 and many more. Drupalers from all around the world come to this event to share they knowledge, know potential clients, get in time with all Drupal-related events and the most important I think: the development of Drupal 8, which has a lot of great new features and it's getting closer to its first
By Anonymous (not verified), 29 April, 2015
Hello everyone, Rootstack wants to do the 1st DrupalDay Panama 2015, on May 23 at our offices from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. We will have two areas of sessions, a frontend and a backend, where we pursue talks and sessions where we can fix bugs in certain modules and contribute to the community. Also from 12 pm we will have a bbq. I hope we have an event with much quorum !!! Agenda (Almost all sessions are going to be on Spanish):
By Anonymous (not verified), 21 April, 2015

Laravel, is one of the framework in PHP that is having greater acceptance in recent years due to the simplicity of the syntax, elegance in writing, the power of [Composer]( /) and Artisan for handling and supplements are there, make PHP not be forgotten and then be rescued. Thanks to Laravel we can have our projects with a modern language, fast, efficient and professional.


By Anonymous (not verified), 2 April, 2015
Today I will give you a brief introduction about [AngularJS](, which is a JavaScript MVC framework maintained by Google, which began to be used for the development of the Front End of a web application which I am currently working with. My biggest experience for the frontend web application development has been with the library [jQuery](, my personal opinion is that it has become an indispensable knowledge today for both developers and web designers.